MONOLITH for Liquidity Providers

The LP pools page on the Monolith website
MONOLITH allows liquidity providers to earn boosted SOLID rewards with minimal effort.
  • Earn claimable SOLID and LP Bribes with a high boost multiplier (up to 2.5x!) without locking any SOLID.
  • SOLID rewards can be converted to moSOLID, to garner automated optimization via the MONOLITH veNFT.
MultiRewarder (LP reward contract)
  • Accrues rewards earned from the Solidly gauge, in the Monolith LP Depositor contract.
  • Users can poke the MultiRewarder pools to earn a bounty and to start streaming accrued rewards to users (Streamed over 24 hours).
  • Current poke bounty is 2% of the outstanding rewards.