Poking MultiRewarder Pools

The steps below will show you how to poke the rewards for each pool, to start them to stream.
Find the "Poke" function:
In this poke function, you fill in the appropriate Pool address (LP token, e.g. SOLID/wETH), the addresses of the reward tokens you want to poke (e.g. SOLID,wETH), and the address for which you want the poke bounty to be sent to.
An example poke of the USDC/WETH pool, for tokens SOLID and moSOLID
You can see the outstanding rewards for each gauge by "impersonating" the LP Depositor address (linked above [0x822...]) and looking at Solidly.com/rewards​
Gauge Rewards when impersonating the LP Depositor
Currently the poke bounty is 2% of the outstanding gauge rewards for each token, so if there was 100 SOLID and 100 moSOLID to be poked, you would receive 2 SOLID and 2 moSOLID for poking the gauge.