LP Boosting With Monolith

Benefits of staking Solidly LP tokens with Monolith
APR Boost Tooltip
Staking solidly LP on Monolith earns boosted rewards. Let's consider how 'boost' works on a more familiar platform, Convex.
For most Convex pools, boost is basically 1x and that boost is taken from LPs not staked with the boosting protocol. So if all LPs are staked with the boosting protocol, there is effectively no boost
BUT...if LPs started leaving the boosting protocol, the boost would increase again. So, even when the boost is low, the right decision is to stay.
Where Monolith has a monopoly on a pool, USDC/wETH for example (currently at 22% APR
) with 96% staked with monolith,
even if the boost is low, it's still a much better deal for LPs If they don't stake with mono, mono takes from them.
Most convex users don't understand the above concept, but hopefully this was able to break it down better for everyone.