moSOLID Splitting

Splitting module on the Monolith website
By design, moSOLID holders have the ability to recover their equivalent share of the veSOLID veNFT through the split functionality of the platform.
Splitting will be done in batches (anytime after epoch flips and up to 24 hours before epoch flips), and can be queued up at any moment.
There is a split gas fee that is taken upon initiation, which covers the gas costs of the large split contract call, given to "workers" who process the transactions.
moSOLID is required to be unstaked to be able to deposit in the batched splitting queue.
Split moSOLID will be returned to the user as a Solidly veNFT;
  • e.g. 100 moSOLID split will yield 100 veSOLID back to the user.